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Marc B. Garnick

Published onApr 19, 2019
Marc B. Garnick

I had the rare pleasure of meeting Dr Chomsky some 21+ years ago, when Dr Chomsky was still a man entering his prime at age 69. Since that time, I have been privileged to meet with Dr Chomsky several times a year. We were introduced by a mutual friend and I knew from the very moment we started interacting that I was in the presence of a giant. I would always be prepared for my discussions with Dr Chomsky after beefing up on such understandable treatises such as Chomsky for Dummies which I barely got thru and understood maybe 20%. Not to be deterred, I then ventured into other authorized and unauthorized biographies as well as Anthony Arnove’s Noam Chomsky—The Essential Chomsky. Yet, whenever I approached the issue of more fully understanding Dr Chomsky’s genius and interpretation of world events and all things linguistics, the conversation, directed by him, would universally revert back to my areas of specialization—medicine and health care. He was so rightly appalled at the inefficiencies of our current health system—its inequities, unequal access, and he was so attentive in getting a deep grasp of one of the most daunting issues facing everyday people. Conversations would always be deflected from my wanting to know more about him to his insatiable desire for information. He did recount his memorable trips to the Middle East; his first hand experiences with health providers in Romania and Czech Republic. I remember one episode when he commented that the medical care he received there was extraordinary and efficient when a feeling of light-headedness overcame him on one of his world tours—I quickly pointed out to him that his status as a “rock star” probably set him apart from others and the attention he received was probably somewhat atypical. I have come to appreciate and admire how truly happy Noam is since Valeria has entered his life. It reflects an emotional bond and love that is rarely seen today. I am so very happy to see Noam and Valeria so joyful and settled in their life in Tucson. May all their eggs be organic and all their chicken be free-range.

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