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Iain Giblin

Published onApr 19, 2019
Iain Giblin

During my first semester in 2009 the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy hosted a workshop that was dedicated to Carol Chomsky’s pioneering work in language acquisition and literacy acquisition (Rich Languages from Poor Inputs: A Workshop in Honor of Carol Chomsky). The conference program was outstanding and a fitting tribute to Carol’s achievements. The conference ended and we all faded away leaving the Stata Center deserted. I collected my things and started to make my way home when I saw Noam off in the distance standing in front of one of the Stata Center notice-boards—he was looking at one of the posters that we’d put up to advertise the workshop. He put his bag down, carefully unpinned the poster, rolled it up and disappeared into the elevator. The next time I went to Noam’s office he’d put the poster right next to his desk.

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