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Paul Law

Published onApr 19, 2019
Paul Law

It’s hard to write anything for Noam that has not already been written for him. His work has touched so many lives, far and near, that new words of appreciation would soon run out. For me it was both a privilege and honor to study with him. Like many, I am indebted to him for showing me how to be rational and opening my eyes to the world of science. I am inspired by his intellect and humbled by his humility. His commitment to social activism is a shining guide for me and countless many others. Whenever I feel frustrated and in despair, I think of him and I see hope. I learned from him to question what seemed like unquestionable and to keep on trying what seemed like impossible. I also learned from him to think of others, especially those that are less fortunate than me. I can’t be any luckier to get to know him. I wish you, Noam, another 90 years. I also wish myself another 90 years, so that I can continue hearing, seeing, and learning from you. Happy Birthday!

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