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Hooi-Ling Soh

Published onApr 19, 2019
Hooi-Ling Soh

It was an honor and privilege to have Noam as my doctoral dissertation advisor, and to have the opportunity to meet regularly with him when I was a Linguistics graduate student at MIT (1994–1998). Noam taught me to search for simplicity, to be open to multiple sides of an issue, and to embrace defending my position. I remember going to his office as a graduate student, and struggling to tell him about a paper I read on a problem with a complex solution. Through his questions, he showed me how to think through what is essential, to embrace the simplest yet most elegant solutions. Noam challenged me and even encouraged me to argue with him as a way to help me grow as a scholar. His approach to scholarship and the skills he taught me have helped me throughout my career, and I now have the privilege to be able to share them with my students.

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