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Toshifusa Oka

Published onApr 19, 2019
Toshifusa Oka

Noam, here’s a long-distance “Happy 90th birthday” to you from Japan. Graduating from MIT is like setting out on a solo nonstop long voyage. On a vast ocean in the midnight I sometimes can’t see the course to follow. I sometimes can’t even see the moon and stars. But if I close my eyes, I always feel like I can see the moonlight guiding me.

Noam, you are my moon. You have taught me that one of the beacon lights for life is Truth. I’m sure I’m just one of the billions of people who thank you for being taught by you through lectures, papers, books, films, radio, TV, videos, and internet materials. You are the moon to everyone. I am very proud and happy to be one of your students. I’m still your student. I’ve been your student for long, since I came across the paper “On Binding” when I was an undergraduate student in Japan. It changed my life. Thank you, Noam. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Wherever you are, my best wishes are with you.

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